About us

Time for enjoyment should never be neglected in life.

Andrea & Markus


Side by side at eye level

We both love special things and have a penchant for handmade quality where we know and can trace exactly where it comes from and especially who makes it.

Made as in the past, yet adapted to today’s demands, was the idea behind our product. Our customers should have a relationship with us and know which fruit is processed and, above all, how and by whom it is processed. Close and personal contact with our customers is of great importance to us.

All this is reflected in our slogan: TRADITION NEWLY INSCENTED.

Then, 6 years ago, we decided to turn the ideas we had in our heads into reality.
Meanwhile, we are known as a small insider tip, where cozy sitting together and tasting through the various noble brandies exactly this special. The Williams schnapps is considered a special highlight.

Markus Rambach

Markus Rambach

I developed my enthusiasm for fine spirits and the craft of distilling 20 years ago. Getting the finest out of the fruit spurred me to pursue the craft on my own.

With my small but fine distillery I have fulfilled a dream. Sitting with customers in our distillery, tasting fine spirits and passing on my knowledge to them is a passion of mine – which can also be very contagious.

Andrea Rambach

Andrea Rambach

I grew up at the site of our current distillery and am the good soul behind the product, so to speak. Together we have fulfilled a long-awaited dream and I am very pleased that we can now receive many guests in our cozy distillery. Cozy get-togethers, nice conversations in a welcoming environment and tasting fine food at the same time is what sets us apart and is very much appreciated by many of our customers.